Best Smartphones in the World 2013 (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Part 2 More end-of-year "Best of 2013" lists! Anyway... Zach Epstein over at Boy Genius Report is out with his list of the best smartphones in the world for 2013 (Part 1). Refreshingly, Epstein lists the handsets by Category: [list…

Mac Pro Available Tomorrow (12-19-13)

Apple's Mac Pro has been long in the tooth for many years now. They previewed their new Mac Pro at WWDC earlier this year. The pro-level machine is stunning to look at, and reasonably priced for its specs, but basically only expandable…

Top 10 Games 2013

It's that time of year, where everyone and their uncle put out lists of "Best" and "Worst" whatever of the year. Not to be outdone, Mashable is out with many such lists. Way too many. But what interests here is their list of the top 10…
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Qualcomm Employee: 64-Bit A7 "Spinal Tap" Moment

Dan Lyons (yes, that Dan Lyons) has an interesting piece today on the reaction of chip makers after hearing that Apple was releasing the 64-bit A7 microprocessor with the iPhone 5s (and eventually iPads Air and Mini): Quotes Lyons: [box…
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Android Catching iOS in Mobile Gaming

Analytics site Distimo is out with a new report today illustrating the trends immobile gaming. Specifically, they're highlighting the fact the gaming revenue on the Android platform is growing much faster than on iOS. The report states that…
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Apple Releases OSX Mavericks 10.9.1

Apple just released the first update to OSX Mavericks 10.9. Startup your Mac App Store updater, and get to downloading. Here is a screen cap of the change log from Apple:   Of particular note, Apple has improved support…
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Samsung Readying QHD and Iris Scan for Galaxy Lineup 2014

ZDNet Korea is reporting that Samsung is planning to quadruple the resolution of it's Galaxy smartphone lineup in 2014, as well as add iris scanning verification technology to unlock the devices, a la Apple's TouchID. QHD: QHD resolution…
Courtesy: 9to5Mac

Seiki's 39 Inch 4K Display

Seth Weintraub over at 9to5Mac ordered up a basic, super-cheap 4k display from Seiki, and put it through it's paces. He says he got what he paid for: $373. He said it was fine for viewing 1080p television content. But it left much to be…
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Tesla "Cheap" Model E May Arrive Early

Dayum! Tesla Motors chief designer Franz Von Holzhausen recently indicated to German auto website autobild.de that the $35k Tesla model E may very well debut at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015. This would be 1-2 years earlier than previously…
WP 8-1

Microsoft Adding Notification Center and Pseudo-Siri to WP 8.1

The Verge is reporting that the latest version of Windows Phone (8.1) will include a Siri-like voice-aware personal assistant, as well as a Notification Center type pane. It doesn't appear that the Notifications pane adds any functionality,…