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Flappy Bird Coming Back

TechCrunch: It’s Episode XVII of the Flappy Bird Saga, and this time the formerly recalcitrant (he’s on a media tour at the moment) creator of the addictive game is promising the game’s return, eventually, complete with multiplayer. Nguyen told CNBC’s Kelly Evans the news on the network’s Closing Bell program today, albeit with the caveat that the game […]

China’s Xiaomi Mi Pad is an iPad mini Ripoff

CNET: The Mi Pad liberally borrows from Apple’s design. The tablet is clad in shiny plastic that’s very similar to the iPhone 5C, and comes in five vibrant hues. The appearance and shape, however, is similar to the iPad Mini — in fact, the company made several comparisons to the Mini’s features during its presentation. […]

Elon Musk Will Donate More Money to Build the Oatmeal’s Tesla Museum

Mashable: The Oatmeal’s effort to save Nikola Tesla’s old laboratory and turn it into a museum took a major turn on Wednesday, when Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk committed to donating more money. Led by Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, the campaign, launched on Indiegogo in 2012, and raised nearly $1.4 million dollars. However, Inman said those funds will only be enough […]

Parrot Intros Bebop Drone and Skycontroller

Parrot: Today, after 5 years of development, we are excited to introduce you Parrot Bebop Drone, a ultra-light drone with a full HD camera digitally stabilized on its 3-axis. Here’s their promotional video:   Parrot also announced the Skycontroller iPad/iPhone add-on controller with amplified Wifi to increase the range to 1.2 miles.   What?! Oculus […]

Beats Separate But Equal?

John Gruber: Jon Maples on the Apple/Beats Acquisition Jon Maples: While music purchases may be falling, it’s still a big business for Apple. So instead of creating another option in iTunes that would potentially cannibalize download sales, why not just buy a service and keep it separate? Streaming blows up: Apple wins. Streaming doesn’t pan out, […]

Apple Buying Beats?!

Lots of outlets have been reporting for the last 12 hours that talks are in the final stages between Apple and Beats, with the former set to purchase the latter for a reported $3.2 Billion. Citing sources close to the deal, The Financial Times on Thursday reported that an Apple-Beats tie up could happen as early as next week. […]

Samsung: Lying, Cheating, Stealing Sacks of Shit

Vanity Fair does a fantastic job of describing the Smartphone Wars between Apple and Samsung. One day in March 2011, cars carrying investigators from Korea’s anti-trust regulator pulled up outside a Samsung facility in Suwon, about 25 miles south of Seoul. They were there ready to raid the building, looking for evidence of possible collusion […]

Darth Vader Runs for Mayor in Ukraine

NBCNews: Voters in Odessa and Ukraine’s capital Kiev will be given the chance to vote for “Darth Nikolayevich Vader” in mayoral elections scheduled for May 25, according to a representative of the Sith Lord’s party. Damn, I forgot to register. Besides, I thought Darth Vader was about to invade Ukraine from the North….

Videogame Company Claims Rights to Oculus Virtual Reality Tech

ReCode ZeniMax, a Maryland-based videogame company, claimed on Thursday that Oculus, a virtual reality hardware company that sold itself to Facebook last month for $2 billion, had broken an agreement that CEO Palmer Luckey would not show the technology to other companies without ZeniMax’s approval. The tech and development came to Oculus by way of John […]

Slingshot iOS Device Screen Sharer App

Airsquirrels has released an app that allows anyone with an internet connection to participate in a screenshare of an iOS device. Finally! How many of use have been frustrated when we become tech support for less tech-savvy friends and family, and we can’t see what they are doing on their iPhone or iPad to direct them? […]