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Nomos Watch Manufacturing

Mark Gruber/Daring Fireball linked to this YouTube video showing the assembling of the Nomos automatic watch. I'm a bit of a watch guy, but I wasn't familiar with Nomos before this. There goes my “watch guy” cred. Beautiful.  

SpaceX to Sue Air Force to Compete for Launch Contracts

Interesting read over at Ars Technica about the Air Forceentering into exclusive contracts to launch objects into orbit without being open to public bids. Musk wants the Air Force’s exclusive contract with the defense contractors to be rescinded, and he wants the formal certification of SpaceX, as well as the establishment of a competitive bidding […]

Machine Crush Monday: Power Mac G4

Cult of Mac has a great article about the G4 Cube. A beautiful machine for sure. I think this is the device that taught Steve that while design and aesthetics are nice (and necessary), function is equally as important.  

How to Become a Billionaire in 1,000 Easy Lessons

Centre for Policy Studies is out with an 86 page report on how to become a billionaire. They looked at 1000 billionaires that were completely self-made, meaning that they didn't inherit their money. They also look at things like tax policy that supports the creation of wealth through entrepreneurship. The level of self-employment is Silicon […]

How iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Need to Fix iCloud Keychain

Rene Ritchie at iMore: …there are two big problems with iCloud Keychain, one conceptual, one architectural, that make it so that I — and anyone concerned with security — can’t use it. 1. The first problem with iCloud Keychain is that it doesn’t demand re-authentication before it works. That means, as long as your iPhone, […]

iOS 7.1.1 Brings With it Better iPhone Battery Life

ZDNet: Following this update I've noticed that things have improved dramatically, and now battery life is only falling to around 76 percent per six hours of average use, which is better than what I was getting pre iOS 7.0. I never saw my iPhone battery life take a hit under 7 or 7.1, and I […]


New Net Neutrality Rules

Macdailynews.com quoting The Wall Street Journal: The Federal Communications Commission plans to put forth its new rules on Thursday. The proposal marks the FCC’s third attempt at enforcing ‘net neutrality’ – the concept that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. The only people who don’t want this are the ones running the ISPs. They […]