Kevin Rose Teases “Tiny”


Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and Revision3, and current Venture Capitalist at Google Ventures, tweeted last night about a blogging tool whereby a blogger’s image appears behind his/her blog posts. The idea is that readers can glean information like the blogger’s mood, etc., from seeing their picture as they read the blog posts.

In the Youtube video above released by Rose to demonstrate the concept, he asks, “What if you could see the author in real time while you’re reading their content?”

One has to applaud Rose for thinking differently, but it seems the era of “over sharing” proceeds unabated. Even worse, blogging is rather sedentary existence: do we really want to see the results of too much coffee and crullers while a blogger plies his/her trade?

Furthermore, do we need (or want) the internet voyeurism promoted by Tiny?