CES2014 Video is Up

A quick overview of Day 1 happenings.  

Martin Hajek Teases iWatch Concepts

Well-respected graphic designer Martin Hajek is well-known for his Apple concept videos. Now he's out with interesting concepts for the long-rumored iWatch. Visible on the concept wearables is a version of iOS 7. I have no doubt we'll be on…
CES Logo

TechSHIZZLE Preps for CES 2014

Quick note-we're dotting our Is and crossing our Ts in prep for the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for CES. Look for us in TechSHIZZLE garb-most likely with a beer in one and, iPhone in the other. See you there!

John Siracusa Grades Apple's 2013

Prolific blogger and Apple-watcher John Siracusa has announced his grades for Apple's performance in 2013 based upon his predictions he announced at the beginning of the year. His grading seems pretty fair for the most part. However,…

Pebble: Something Special This Year at CES

Smartwatch maker Pebble has announced that they will be debuting "something special" at CES 2014 next week in Las Vegas. Pebble had announced at CES 2013 that their Kickstarter crowdfunded smartwatch would ship to the public on January 23,…

Scoble: Google Glass is Doomed

Tech columnist Robert Scoble at The Next Web has a great counterpoint to Matthew Honan's Wired piece that sensationalizes the alleged paranoia of the general public when they see someone wearing Google's Glass wearable "computer on your face". Said…

Uncle Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher Launch re/

Wow, the new year has really brought a lot of change in the online tech world. It seems like everyone at AllThingsD left the site recently. Their most visible writers, the venerable Walt Mossberg, sidekick Kara Swisher, Apple-watcher John…

Autoblog's 100 Top 2013 Photos

I love cars. I love blogs about cars. I love blogs about pictures of cars. I have a long history of keeping a car for about a year, then moving on. I'm a regular at the L.A. Auto Show every year. My wife knows this, and got me a gift certificate…