TechSHIZZLE.com began as Tech-SHIZZLE.com about 5 years ago.

Being fascinated with tech in all forms, I thought it would be a good idea to throw some of my random thoughts against the wall to see what stuck.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), this being the internet, everything sticks. Thanks, Sergey and Larry.

What that means, of course, is that unless you get above the noise you can’t be heard. So I focussed on getting above the noise without much success until someone drove his BMW X5 through the front glass of my local Apple store. I got a ton of hits for that as I happened to get a bunch of pictures (my wife got the first ones, actually) and post them online.

“Hey, people are showing up!”

But, I didn’t take advantage of that opportunity to build an audience, and TS went back to obscurity.

At that point I purchased the TechSHIZZLE.com domain (no “-“), and redesigned the layout of the site for the third time. it was a great layout, with plenty of images and advertising placeholders.

I loved the layout, but it was slow, bloated, image-heavy, and way too garish. And I pretty much neglected it by not positing to the blog. The main reason was that I was spending way too much time culling images and tweaking post layouts. Damn, it looked good, though.

The layout really lent itself to long form posts, however, which is not how I generally write. While I’ve been known to go verbose, I prefer a higher number quick asides instead of a lower number of long posts.

Also, I realized that I really hate all of the advertising on many other tech-related sites. They really screw with the readers’ experience, and they really pissed me off.

So I scrapped the whole fancy, ad-riddled design and went minimalist. This is what you see now.

I like how clean, quick, and lightweight it is, and posting is SO much quicker. I can definitely see devoting much more time to the site now. The main thing is that I can post quickly from my iPhone and iPad when I run across something interesting.  And it’s very easy to read on any device-the ultimate in responsiveness.

As for me, I’m a recovering lawyer trying like hell to get out of the law so I can focus on what I really like-technology. At one point I had 4 law offices spread throughout California’s San Joaquin Valley filing well over a hundred bankruptcy cases a month. The money was the only thing that made it tolerable.

So, I sold them off, and here I am.

Personally, I married way up to Sara Bell-SaraBellPhotography.net. I have 2 older kids (Rhiannon and Kelsey), and 2 great kids with Sara (Carter and Cameron).

Oh, and don’t forget Co-Pilot…