Android Catching iOS in Mobile Gaming

Courtesy: prlog

Analytics site Distimo is out with a new report today illustrating the trends immobile gaming. Specifically, they’re highlighting the fact the gaming revenue on the Android platform is growing much faster than on iOS.

The report states that while iOS gaming revenue is up from last year (the top 200 iOS apps in November 2012 were bringing in about $12 million per day, up to $15 million per day in November 2013), Android gaming revenue for the same metrics rose from an estimated $3.5 million per day in November 2012, to about $12 million per day in November 2013.

Last month, the analytics firm IDC claimed that Android now has a, 81% worldwide smartphone marketshare, so there’s no real question as to whether or not Android gaming revenue with overtake iOS, it’s a matter of when. Interestingly, many of the highest grossing Android apps are popular in Asia where cheap Android handsets dominate, according to Distimo.

As pointed out by Eric Johnson at AllThingsD, the Distimo report also illustrates that the “freemium” model of app distribution is dominating the traditional “pay” model. I’m not a fan of the freemium model from a consumer standpoint in that in-app purchases often exceed the cost of the same enhancements if you were to pay up front for the app. Good for developers, though, right?