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Samsung Previews “Monitorless”

In what can be called a “me too” move, Samsung has previewed it’s Monitorless concept. Looks like to be lightweight(?) AR/VR glasses that allows you to overlay monitors onto the real world, similar to Microsoft’s impressive Hololens, currently available to debs for about $3k. What does stand out is the use of your Galaxy smartphone […]

Gurman Hits a Homerun with 12″ MBA Scoop

9to5mac.com senior editor Mark Gurman seems to have set the internet on fire today with the publishing of an exclusive story about the much-rumored upcoming 12″ Macbook Air. Certainly not new at breaking big Apple news, Gurman and his cohorts have provided renderings of the upcoming fanless MBA based in insider information: Sources within Apple, who have […]


Ok, Apple, This is Getting Ridiculous (U)

UPDATE: I just updated Goodreader on my iPhone 6 Plus. The version number is 4.8.1, and the iCloud functionality verbiage has been removed and the full app functionality has been restored. It’s good to see that my epic rant this morning caught the attention of the Apple higher-ups. 🙂 9to5Mac is reporting this morning that the […]

Federico Viticci Gets It

In another fantastic post, MacStories.com‘s Federico Viticci explores document management apps in iOS 8. He does his usual exemplary job. Head over for a thorough discussion of document pickers in iOS and the apps that allow (limited) file management. If (somehow) you’re not familiar with Federico’s site, get over there ASAP. Bookmark it. Anyway, with […]

Yes, AT&T Doubles the Data for Some

Yeah, AT&T announced that they are doubling the data allotment for customers with Mobile Share plan at 15GB and above. Us with 10GB? Screwed. My iPads are on grandfathered unlimited plans, so there’s no way in hell I’m giving those up. That means I only have 2 lines on my AT&T plan: my iPhone 6 […]

Idiot Hit-Whore: “iPhone 6 Sales Record Disappointing”

Paul Ausick, 24/7wallst.com: Apple Stock was trading at $103.02 about 15 minutes before Monday’s opening bell. The stock’s 52-week range is $63.89 to $103.74. To say that this is a true disappointment may seem like it is “fire for effect.” The problem we have with the press release is that if it was truly phenomenal news […]

My iPhone 6/6 Plus Preorder Fun

With the preorders allegedly going live early today (12:01 AM Pacific), I was prepared for a long night of CMD + R in several different browser tabs. I say “allegedly” because I have yet to see an iPhone/iPad preorder night go smoothly. And I’ve been doing this every year since Apple adopted the preorder system. […]