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Seiki’s 39 Inch 4K Display

Seth Weintraub over at 9to5Mac ordered up a basic, super-cheap 4k display from Seiki, and put it through it’s paces. He says he got what he paid for: $373. He said it was fine for viewing 1080p television content. But it left much to be desired as a monitor tethered to his 2013 Macbook Pro […]

Tesla “Cheap” Model E May Arrive Early

Dayum! Tesla Motors chief designer Franz Von Holzhausen recently indicated to German auto website autobild.de that the $35k Tesla model E may very well debut at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015. This would be 1-2 years earlier than previously expected.   For those of us drooling over the Model S, and soon to be drooling […]

Glass Hunt for Google Glass

We’re not sure how many “real” hunters will be wearing the upcoming wearable, Google Glass, but for the rest of us wannabe hunters, Glass Hunt for Google Glass is in public beta. Glass Hunt developers Derek Johnson and Jason Malashock have released a hunting game that looks to be more a proof of concept at […]

2/3 of Americans to Own an iPhone by 2017?

That’s the conclusion drawn by Asymco’s respected analyst Horace Dediu.   Dediu states: [box style=’info’]”So we can suggest that at 90% penetration (approximately saturation) the iPhone will have 68% market share of users in the US.”[/box] Dediu bases this conclusion on a statistical analysis that suggests that of the over age 13 United States population […]

How Smule’s Jeff Smith Got a Ph.D.

TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha has a interesting article on how Smule’s co-founder and CEO Jeff Smith was able to run the startup while obtaining his Ph.D. in computer-based music from Stanford. [box style=’note’] Smith recalled that during his Ph.D. qualifying exam, a committee member asked him, “Why are you here?” “I’m really interested in music,” Smith said. “I […]

Kevin Rose Teases “Tiny”

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and Revision3, and current Venture Capitalist at Google Ventures, tweeted last night about a blogging tool whereby a blogger’s image appears behind his/her blog posts. The idea is that readers can glean information like the blogger’s mood, etc., from seeing their picture as they read the blog posts. In the […]


Senate Moving to End Patent Trolling

U. S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has convened a meeting on Capitol Hill to address the widespread and ever-increasing practice of “patent trolling”, where shell companies buy patent rights, then wield them against tech companies (and others) in order to extort money for the use of the intellectual property in which these patents are based.