Colbert Arrives at “The Late Show”

I’ve always been a huge Letterman fan. I remember his morning show when he first got to network television, and every incarnation since. HUGE fan. I have been lucky enough to see his show live twice. The last time was when John Kerry was there. Letterman came out before the taping to chat up the audience as he is won’t to do. I asked him if he could get mine and my wife’s picture with Kerry. He took our camera and took a picture of us in the audience (see below), after pretending to steal our camera by running off-stage with it.

Then when the taping started, Dave said on national tv that he got a new camera that day. Classic.

At The Late Show

Colbert. HUGE fan as well. Last time I was in Manhattan my wife and I had the pleasure of running into him, and he was gracious enough to allow a picture (see below). We walked out of our hotel near Times Square, and Colbert just happened to be walking by. We stalked I mean followed him for half a block before he ducked into a cheesy souvenir shop. That’s where we pounced. He allowed 1 picture, and we left him to go about his day (I think his sister was in town and he was picking something up for her). Class act all the way, and a super-nice guy.

I’ll definitely miss Letterman, but I can’t imagine someone better than Colbert to take his place.

Godspeed, Dave.


Me and Colbert

Source: USA Today