My iPhone 6/6 Plus Preorder Fun


With the preorders allegedly going live early today (12:01 AM Pacific), I was prepared for a long night of CMD + R in several different browser tabs. I say “allegedly” because I have yet to see an iPhone/iPad preorder night go smoothly. And I’ve been doing this every year since Apple adopted the preorder system.

Every year Apple’s website crashes, and so do those of the wireless carriers. This year was no different.

What the hell can’t they get their shit together?

By now, Apple, et al, have got to know there will be a crushing demand for the latest iDevice, and their sites will be inundated by the traffic of rabid buyers. Yes, I’m one of them every year.

So knowing this is coming, why can’t they properly and adequately prepare for the onslaught?

So Mrs. TechShizzle and myself dutifully hit the inter webs hard a few minutes before midnight.

The Apple Store site is down. No problemo-we were early.

But as the minutes ticked by, it became painfully obvious that we had another clusterfuck on our hands. Knowing that if we didn’t get onboard now, it could be well into November or even December before we obtained our Precious. And while I don’t mind spending the night on the sidewalk of our local Apple Store, that has proven fruitless on more than one previous launch. And I really didn’t want to do it again this year. So we soldiered on.

Between several open Safari tabs, the Apple Store app on both my iPhone and iPad, (and my wife’s same routine), we finally saw signs of life about 2:00 AM. That is to say that while Apple’s site was still down, we could at least hit the “Continue” button on the apps before being timed out and forced to start over.

Finally about 2:30 I was able to get through and get a reservation number. I was trying various combinations of phone and specs to see what would go through. I wound up with a reservation for a 6P/Space Gray/128. A little loopy from lack of sleep and with cramped “refresh fingers”, I didn’t take a screen shot of the reservation page on the iPhone Apple Store app. Was it a dream? Did it really happen? In the debacle, will my reservation wind up lost?

My wife’s 6/Gold/128 got through to a reservation page as well. She went to bed.

I kept going, and was finally able to order the same spec iPhones through Apple’s site about 3:15 AM or so. My wife’s would be available for pickup on 9/19, but mine have to be shipped “7-10 business days” after launch. Damn.

Good enough.

This morning I thought I’d call Apple to see if I could use my reservation number to possibly pick mine up on launch day since I reserved it an hour before I actually was able to complete a purchase. After a 20 minute hold time I spoke with a prototypical Apple specialist who said no one else she had talked to this morning was trying to do what I was attempting. After a brief hold to confer with a supervisor, she came back to tell me it couldn’t be done. Said that even though I have a reserved phone that was reserved well before my actual purchase, if I tried to use it I would be stuck with current shipping delays. WTF?

So I got off the phone and called again to get another rep.

The next CSR was very cordial and polite like the first. He understood what I was trying to do, but said I’d be better off sticking with what I had as the reserved one would have a much longer shipping time, and that I was “much better off than most people”. Ok, done.

But this doesn’t make any sense-what the hell did I reserve? Why wouldn’t the reservation “hold my place in line”? Can I really trust their cloud services enough to keep important files on iCloud Drive? Does Apple have this whole “online services” thing figured out. Signs point to “no”.

So I don’t know how Apple couldn’t prepare for this; it’s not their first rodeo.

Ok, I’ve vented and feel a bit better.

And, yes, I know there are a lot more important things in the world to be concerned with.