John Siracusa Grades Apple’s 2013


Prolific blogger and Apple-watcher John Siracusa has announced his grades for Apple’s performance in 2013 based upon his predictions he announced at the beginning of the year.

His grading seems pretty fair for the most part.

However, I have not seen any of the issues he claims have plagued iCloud. For me, it does “just work”. I haven’t had any issues with buggy behavior, etc. Sure, I’d love to see an expanded feature set akin to Dropbox, but I’ve had no problem with iCloud’s performance.

As John Gruber points out re: AppleTV, the “F” grade is overly harsh. There are only a couple of issues with Apple’s “hobby”and they fall into the “Features I wish it had” category:

  1. No App Store- Come on, Apple, get this done already
  2. Cable Alternative- I know this isn’t really Apple’s fault. Television content providers/cable companies are afraid that Apple will wield too much power should they come to agreements with it, so they are VERY slowly negotiating to allow Apple access to their content. I don’t see why they don’t understand that Apple saved the music industry when it was threatened by Napster, et al. by selling songs at $.99 and making music easily available to all through its iTunes music store.

Otherwise, AppleTV works extremely well and does exactly what I need it to.

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