Martin Hajek Teases iWatch Concepts


Well-respected graphic designer Martin Hajek is well-known for his Apple concept videos. Now he’s out with interesting concepts for the long-rumored iWatch.

Visible on the concept wearables is a version of iOS 7. I have no doubt we’ll be on iOS 8 when (and if) the iWatch makes it to our wrists. But Hajek’s designs are about wishful thinking and “what if?”, and it’s fun to wonder until the real deal arrives.

Below is the iWatch C, crafted of course after the iPhone C. A colorful band and watch bezel feature prominently.


Hajek’s iWatch S is interesting in that it marries the cold hard tech edge of the watch with the stitched leather band, which is my preference. I’m no fan of skeumorphism, but I do like the marriage of old and new in tasteful ways.


Ah, what could be…