Ok, Apple, This is Getting Ridiculous (U)


UPDATE: I just updated Goodreader on my iPhone 6 Plus. The version number is 4.8.1, and the iCloud functionality verbiage has been removed and the full app functionality has been restored. It’s good to see that my epic rant this morning caught the attention of the Apple higher-ups. 🙂

9to5Mac is reporting this morning that the good people (pun intended) behind the incredible iOS app Goodreader are being forced by Apple’s arbitrary an nonsensical App Store approval process to remove some recently-added iCloud Drive functionality.

Specifically, the GoodReader update removes the ability to add folders, remove folders or move files around the iCloud Drive storage location. The update notes reference a ‘usage policy’, although it is unclear what document the company is referring to.

This is yet another stupid app approval decision by someone at Apple.

Clearly, Apple wants to remove as much of the file system access by users as possible (I’m still wondering why…), but this really just handicaps the use of iOS in any kind of business setting where access to .pdf files from apps other than the app that created the .pdf is crucial.

I just recently cancelled a 3TB Dropbox account because I was (WAS) able to move all of my documents to my iCloud Drive, and access them from anywhere on any of my devices. Why pay for 2 accounts that do the same thing for me?

But if this is going to be Apple’s policy moving forward, then I (and I imagine many people) have made a huge mistake putting our faith (and our documents) in Apple’s hands. Apple has never been accused of having this whole cloud computing thing down, but this is a huge setback.

If you use an app that accesses your iCloud Drive with Apple’s own file picker API, such as the great apps from Readdle, then this is a death blow to your productivity. And it sets a horrible precedent if you (like me and many of us) want to use your iPad as a laptop/desktop replacement.

Furthermore, if Apple is readying a 12″ MBA replacement for 2015 that runs a version of iOS (or whenever the OS X/iOS convergence takes place), then this will really make you reconsider your decision to stick with the platform. This is capricious, arbitrary, and makes me seriously reconsider my willingness to remain in Apple’s “walled garden”.

Certainly, recent app store rejections have been reversed so that long-time app store residents could re-add functionality that the reviewers found objectionable, let’s hope this one is reversed as well.

C’mon Apple, do the right thing.