Samsung Previews “Monitorless”

Samsung Monitorless concept

In what can be called a “me too” move, Samsung has previewed it’s Monitorless concept. Looks like to be lightweight(?) AR/VR glasses that allows you to overlay monitors onto the real world, similar to Microsoft’s impressive Hololens, currently available to debs for about $3k.

What does stand out is the use of your Galaxy smartphone as a touchpad/mouse controller to manipulate your “onscreen” windows. Typically we’ve seen manipulations of onscreen elements through the use of hand gestures tracked by on-glasses sensors (Hololens).

Also interestingly, it appears that the Monitorless glasses appear to be doing some, if not all, of the heavy lifting of the AR/VR graphics manipulation. This leads to a HMD that can be heavy as a result of the added weight of the GPU/CPU/memory based on currently available tech. It has been suggested by Scoble that Apple’s iteration of AR/VR glasses will have most of the heavy lifting done by the user’s iPhone, with the glasses meant more as a display and sensor package.

We’re on the verge of AR/VR becoming a dominant force in computing, social media, gaming, you name it. It’s going to affect EVERYTHING.

Going to be a fun year in AR/VR!