Slingshot iOS Device Screen Sharer App

Airsquirrels has released an app that allows anyone with an internet connection to participate in a screenshare of an iOS device.


How many of use have been frustrated when we become tech support for less tech-savvy friends and family, and we can’t see what they are doing on their iPhone or iPad to direct them? Elderly parents, I’m looking at you….

I’ve been waiting for a remote desktop type app for iDevices.

Finally it’s here!

Looks great, but I can’t imagine a $9.99/month subscription fee. That’s crazy.

How about a per use fee of a buck? Maybe a higher initial cost to purchase the app, then free for use? What about free for a certain number of uses (say, 5 per month), then a fee above that?

It just seems that Airsquirrels is shooting themselves in the paw with this pricing scheme.

Airsquirrels, call me and we’ll talk.