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Method in Apple's Madness (Good Shit is Worth Paying For)

Ben Lovejoy has an extremely well-thought out opinion piece over at 9to5Mac regarding a possible reason why Apple has decided to end the Free Single of the Week promotion (as well as the 12 Days of Christmas, et al.): What has all this to…

Gurman Hits a Homerun with 12" MBA Scoop senior editor Mark Gurman seems to have set the internet on fire today with the publishing of an exclusive story about the much-rumored upcoming 12" Macbook Air. Certainly not new at breaking big Apple news, Gurman and his cohorts…
Courtesy: 9to5Mac

Seiki's 39 Inch 4K Display

Seth Weintraub over at 9to5Mac ordered up a basic, super-cheap 4k display from Seiki, and put it through it's paces. He says he got what he paid for: $373. He said it was fine for viewing 1080p television content. But it left much to be…