Samsung Monitorless concept

Samsung Previews "Monitorless"

In what can be called a "me too" move, Samsung has previewed it's Monitorless concept. Looks like to be lightweight(?) AR/VR glasses that allows you to overlay monitors onto the real world, similar to Microsoft's impressive Hololens, currently…
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Apple Buying Beats?!

Lots of outlets have been reporting for the last 12 hours that talks are in the final stages between Apple and Beats, with the former set to purchase the latter for a reported $3.2 Billion. Citing sources close to the deal, The Financial Times on…
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Apple, Google agree to settle antitrust lawsuit over hiring deals-filing

Reuters: Four major tech companies including Apple and Google have agreed to settle a large antitrust lawsuit over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley, according to a court filing on Thursday.Good. This was a pretty horrendous event that hung…

John Siracusa Grades Apple's 2013

Prolific blogger and Apple-watcher John Siracusa has announced his grades for Apple's performance in 2013 based upon his predictions he announced at the beginning of the year. His grading seems pretty fair for the most part. However,…

Appointed Apple Monitor Doesn't Like Being Called Out on His BS

Following the farce of a trial over the alleged e-book price-fixing by Apple in its iBooks Store, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote ordered that her friend and relatively new monitor Michael Bromwich oversee e-book pricing reform and regulatory…

Best Smartphones in the World 2013 (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Part 2 More end-of-year "Best of 2013" lists! Anyway... Zach Epstein over at Boy Genius Report is out with his list of the best smartphones in the world for 2013 (Part 1). Refreshingly, Epstein lists the handsets by Category: [list…

Mac Pro Available Tomorrow (12-19-13)

Apple's Mac Pro has been long in the tooth for many years now. They previewed their new Mac Pro at WWDC earlier this year. The pro-level machine is stunning to look at, and reasonably priced for its specs, but basically only expandable…

Qualcomm Employee: 64-Bit A7 "Spinal Tap" Moment

Dan Lyons (yes, that Dan Lyons) has an interesting piece today on the reaction of chip makers after hearing that Apple was releasing the 64-bit A7 microprocessor with the iPhone 5s (and eventually iPads Air and Mini): Quotes Lyons: [box…
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Apple Releases OSX Mavericks 10.9.1

Apple just released the first update to OSX Mavericks 10.9. Startup your Mac App Store updater, and get to downloading. Here is a screen cap of the change log from Apple:   Of particular note, Apple has improved support…
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Apple Supplier Pegatron Using Facial Recognition to Weed Out Underage Workers

AppleInsider is quoting a Wall Street Journal report that Apple contract manufacturer Pegatron has started using facial recognition technology to weed out underage workers. Underage factory worker Shi Zhaokun died last week of a non…