Scoble: Google Glass is Doomed

Tech columnist Robert Scoble at The Next Web has a great counterpoint to Matthew Honan's Wired piece that sensationalizes the alleged paranoia of the general public when they see someone wearing Google's Glass wearable "computer on your face". Said…
Google Glass

MyGlass iOS App Available Again

While briefly showing up earlier this week then being pulled, Google has re-released their MyGlass iOS app on the Apple App Store. The re-release is accompanied by a Google Glass firmware update. The iOS version of MyGlass brings feature…
glass hunt

Glass Hunt for Google Glass

We're not sure how many "real" hunters will be wearing the upcoming wearable, Google Glass, but for the rest of us wannabe hunters, Glass Hunt for Google Glass is in public beta. Glass Hunt developers Derek Johnson and Jason Malashock have…

Google Glass FAQ Updated

Google has updated its FAQ to address question about an Explorer program participant selling his/her Glass. Specifically: [box style='doc']Q. Is it OK for Explorers to try and sell their devices online? Will you disable the devices if…