Yes, AT&T Doubles the Data for Some


Yeah, AT&T announced that they are doubling the data allotment for customers with Mobile Share plan at 15GB and above.

Us with 10GB?


My iPads are on grandfathered unlimited plans, so there’s no way in hell I’m giving those up. That means I only have 2 lines on my AT&T plan: my iPhone 6 Plus and Mrs. TechSHIZZLE’s iPhone 6. We average between 7 and 8 GB of data per month between us as we do the bulk of our bandwidth hogging with our grandfathered iPads.

But the new promotion doesn’t apply to us 10GB-ers. Thanks, AT&T.

However, with the Plus’ much bigger screen, I find myself walking out of the domicile sans iPad much more often; I just don’t seem to need it as much since I Apple-camped 23 hours to get the Plus.

So, I assume I’ll be using more data with the Plus. Thus, I went ahed and upgraded to the 15 (30GB) plan in the hopes I’ll make use of it.

Funny how AT&T has been complaining about the stress on their system with all these damn data hogs to justify their data-throttling.

I guess with the doubling of data from Sprint and other competitive moves by the other carriers, AT&T is over their bitching about so-called data hogs.

Did AT&T just double their bandwidth, or was it just a bullshit reason to throttle people when it suited them?